Trees may be our specialty, but we won’t stop there.  Haverhill Tree also offers bush and hedge trimming.  We are happy to tackle overgrown hedges at any household, neighborhood, or business, so that your property looks as sharp as can be, and we can handle jobs of any size.

For best results, you bushes or hedges should be trimmed twice a year:  in the Spring, to remove any winter damage and prepare them for the growth of the new season; and in late Summer/ early Autumn, to help reshape the branches after their maximum growth phase and help them maintain that shape throughout the rest of the year. We offer Shrub Pruning, Bush Pruning, Hedge Trimming, and Small tree shaping and trimming as well.

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    When To Hire for Hedge Trimming

    Just like trees, trimming/ pruning is a vital part of proper care for your bushes and hedges.  Regular pruning ensures that your bushes and hedges continue to grow properly and stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  It clears away any dead or diseased areas, which both allows for new growth to come through, and prohibits any insects or pests from making their homes instead the decaying branches.  Trimming will also minimize the risk of any debris or other safety hazards building up in your property.

    Additionally, a professional arborist will be able to use trimming to control the shape/ growth direction of your hedges.  Much of the time, hedges are intended to provide a level of privacy for your property as well as creating beautiful scenery; trimming will help ensure that any upward or outward growth is minimized, so that the bushes/ hedges can fill in towards the center and minimize visibility.

    Finally, a professional hedge-trimming service will know what times of the year are best for maintenance pruning.  Too early in the year can mean that frost damage, etc. goes overlooked and untreated; too late can mean that newly-trimmed branches don’t have enough time to heal before facing the harshness of winter months. ​

    Can Untrimmed Hedges Become a Safety Hazard?

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    Hedges and bushes generally don’t grow as tall and aren’t as heavy as trees, but they can pose safety risks just the same.  An overgrown hedge near the front of your home can impede the view of oncoming traffic, which can lead to accidents; and bushes with many dead or loose branches can cause debris to fly through your property during a strong storm.  Hedges and bushes near walkways can also cause tripping hazards if not properly maintained.

    Whether you’ve got some wild growth that needs taming, or you’re just looking for a little routine maintenance, you can rest assured that Haverhill Tree Pros will get the job done.  Give us a call at the number listed above or fill out our online request form for a free evaluation and quote today!