Regular tree trimming is the number one way to ensure that your trees stay healthy and avoid damage.  For best results, you should schedule trimming in late winter for established trees; this will ensure the quickest healing time for any cuts, and minimize the risk of any insect/ pest infestation.  Younger trees that require shaping can also be trimmed in the summer after their maximum growth season in order to help direct the growth of the branches and remove any unwanted growth or dead/ damaged areas.

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    Importance Of Regular Trimming

    ​It might seem counter-productive at first, but trimming & pruning is important for a number of reasons.  Tree trimming gets rid of any dead or damaged branches that would be at risk of falling.  Dead areas in the tree will also be a big attractant for insects and other unwelcome pests that like to make their nests in decaying wood.

    Proper pruning will also help to direct the growth of the tree, especially in its younger years, in order to ensure proper weight distribution and appearance.  Trimming will ensure a strong structure that is the best (and only!) defense against storm damage.  Tree trimming will also make certain that your tree doesn’t grow in a direction that may be hazardous to your property (such as too close to your home or to any nearby power lines).

    For blooming trees, trimming at the appropriate time of the year can also help encourage maximum blossoming, so that you can enjoy the full beauty of your tree’s flowers.

    Why Hire A Tree Trimming Service?

    Proper tree trimming is a lot more involved than cutting down a few branches.  In fact, improper pruning can seriously damage the health of your tree.  Incorrect trimming can negatively affect a tree’s stability, or can even cause trauma to the tree that could lead to impaired growth or even the tree’s death.  A trained professional, like those at our team here at Haverhill Tree Company, will be able to accurately assess any sick or at-risk branches that need removal.  A professional will be able to complete the job with as little trimming as possible; in terms of maintaining a healthy tree, less is definitely more when it comes to maintenance trimming.  Additionally, an expert arborist will know how to properly prune branches in order to optimize your tree’s growth, and best support its strength and structure.

    And as always, safety is our number one concern.  Our team of experts will be able to safely trim your tree(s) without risking damage to your property or personal injury.

    Haverhill Tree Pros is available both for routine tree trimming and emergency trimming services.  Give us a call at the number listed above or fill out our online form for your complimentary tree evaluation today!

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