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    Home to endless parks and reservations, Massachusetts is one considered one of the greenest states in the U.S. and is highly celebrated for its wealth of natural beauty.  All of those trees and foliage are just one of the many things that makes Massachusetts stunning, but just like any other aspect of your home or property, tree maintenance is a must to ensure that everything continues to both look its best and stay safe.  Luckily, our Haverhill Tree experts are here to keep you covered.

    Tree maintenance can mean everything from tree trimming/pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, and of course tree evaluations or emergency tree services.


    Tree Service Haverhill, MA

    We are a locally owned and operated tree trimming and removal service based in Haverhill, MA.  We are extremely passionate about what we do, and our years of experience and friendly staff make us one of the best local tree services around!

    Our team is composed of licensed, knowledgeable, and highly trained technicians that are happy to answer any questions you may have.  We have the tools and equipment to handle any size job, from the smallest hedge to the mightiest oak.  Most importantly, safety is our number one concern; you can rest assured that everything we do will be with your safety and the safety of your property in mind.  We are never going to recommend a service that isn’t right for you and your specific needs.  And if you find yourself in a tight spot, we’ll be on site in no time at all to make sure that any unsafe or emergency conditions are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

    Trees are our business. If you need any kind of service from tree removal, trimming, stump removal, or even just an evaluation, then we’re the company you need to call.  We serve the greater Haverhill Massachusetts area, including parts of southern NH, and we’re the best local tree service out there!

    When To Call For Tree Removal Service

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    Trees are an expensive and long-standing investment that contribute to the beauty of your property, but sometimes keeping one around isn’t always what’s best. If the tree is dead or diseased, then the cost of maintaining it will often outweigh the cost of a removal, and may even cause unsafe conditions to develop. Keeping an unhealthy or deceased tree on your property can negatively affect the entire ecosystem, meaning your other plants, lawn, etc. could suffer. Additionally, dead trees or trees in poor health are at a higher risk for falling or dropping debris/ branches, which could mean serious property damage or even injury or death.

    There are a number of factors that go into deciding when a tree needs to be removed, chiefly the tree’s health, the species of the tree, and the safety risk.

    Our arborists at Haverhill Tree Company are qualified experts who can easily evaluate any tree on your property that’s of concern. We’ll weigh the potential risk of keeping the tree against other concerns (such as your curb value, visual appeal, cost, etc.) and give you a professional opinion on whether or not your tree needs to taken down. You can rest assured that we will never advise tree removal unless it is absolutely necessary; if there is a possibility of your tree being rehabilitated through other means (trimming, spraying, etc.) then we will absolutely let you know.

    Why Tree Care Is Important

    Trees can often seem like self-sufficient monoliths, but they do in fact need regular care and maintenance if you want them to thrive through the decades.  Trees often become the foundation of the ecosystem they’re apart of; when a tree falls ill or dies, it will usually affect all of the vegetation around it.  It can spread disease to your other plants, cause property damage from falling, or become infested with insects or pests (that could also create homes in nearby trees or plants as well!).  Proper watering, regular pruning, and soil management are essential to ensuring that your tree(s) stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

    Proper tree care will also ensure that your tree grows with a strong structure and proper weight distribution, which will minimize the risk for the tree falling/ becoming uprooted, or dropping debris.  This is generally done through regular trimming in order to properly shape and direct the growth of the branches.  In this regard, proper care not only ensures that your tree lives a long, beautiful life; it will also mean that you are keeping free from potential safety hazards.

    A good tree is an investment and should be looked after like one.  If you want to be certain that your tree(s) is receiving the best care possible, then don’t hesitate!  You can trust Haverhill Tree Pros to help you grow the best-looking and healthiest trees around.

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    If you need help with tree removal, tree or hedge trimming, stump grinding/removal, or any number of other tree-related services, then give our Haverhill Tree Company a call.  We’re the best tree specialists in the area; our competitive rates, expert knowledge, and well-qualified experts will make sure to get the job done.  Our skilled arborists are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have, and you can email us 24/7 to make sure that you get help right away.  Give us a call at the number listed below or fill out our free online form for a quote today!

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    Areas We Service

    We service the town of Haverhill MA, as well as the following surrounding areas in Mass and Southern NH:

    Methuen, Georgetown, Merrimac, West Newbury, North Andover, Lawrence, Groveland, Atkinson NH, Plaistow NH, Salem NH and more. If you would like to know if we can provide expert tree service in your town or neighborhood please contact us today!